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Measure, manage and improve capability and culture

'Better Capability'TM is the answer

Equip your organisation for successful change, innovation, transformation and execution

With better capability at all levels you can address the challenges of performance, change, transformation and execution and energise your organisation.
With our 'Better Capability' Program, you can enhance capability and leadership at all levels. It is a program based on a tested model for capability, leadership, culture and performance, backed up with web-based tools. It is a practical solution that enables you to tackle projects with new vigour.

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Whether the focus is capability, leadership, culture or performance, the model generates insights and guides action that benefit leaders and teams at all levels.
Because a single unifying model is used, the 'Better Capability' approach gives consistency and effectiveness to your actions. It brings a common language and methodology across the organisation. It generates alignment and synergy.

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Read Anthony’s views on why capability (or lack of it) is nearly always the root cause of most common problems faced by organisations, be they related to risk, change, projects, performance or execution.

And see how other international experts describe the challenge.


Anthony Wilson, Director
Proximity Risk and Assurance

What our Clients Say...

"A new, better GPS for business that guides us towards our objectives."

Jane Stafford, Executive General Manager, Insurance, Personal Injury Claims, Suncorp
I’d definitely recommend Dr. Paul Guignard to anyone who is looking for an insightful and engaging presenter. His presentation at ‘The Future of Risk” event held in collaboration with ABM Risk Partnership and Dimension Data was very well received and the feedback was outstanding. A great speaker with some fantastic ideas.
Greg PayRisk Recruitment ConsultantWalker Andersen

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'Better Capability' - Capability and Culture Transformation

We offer individuals, teams and organisations a capability and leadership development path to adapt, change, innovate, transform, perform and execute successfully.

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What is your strategy for the digital and AI revolutions?

How 'Better Capability' works

The three magnifications

Our Program includes the three elements below, adjusted to your particular situation and circumstances.

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