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New Capability Development and Transformation Program for the 21st Century

The challenge
The digital revolution, the fourth industrial revolution, and the many, often disruptive, changes on the economic, social, political and technological fronts pose unprecedented challenges to individuals and organisations.
Our response

Magnify the impact of human brains

Our objective

Future-proof human capability

Who is it for

Every organisation, and every team and employee within it

How we deliver

With our 'Human Capability Development and Transformation Program'

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Read Anthony’s views on why capability (or lack of it) is nearly always the root cause of most common problems faced by organisations, be they related to risk, change, projects, performance or execution.


Anthony Wilson, Director
Proximity Risk and Assurance

We 'weaponise' personal capability

Magnifying human capability means creating high-quality work environments where personal, team and organisational capability work together synergistically to produce outstanding results.
It also means creating and immersing personal, team and organisational capability in a culture for change, innovation and transformation.
Our program offers individuals, teams and organisations a capability and culture development path to adapt, change, innovate and transform.

Select your Program plan

Problem choosing the right plan?
Just pick up the phone and give us a call; we’ll help you find the right plan for your needs.

Paul Guignard
Director, Capability Institute
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How the Program works

Engagement model

We help our clients succeed by delivering critical complementary services that magnify their
core IP.

The three magnifications

Our Program includes the three elements below, adjusted to your particular situation and circumstances.

What our clients say...

We could get information about staff satisfaction, but were also able to align the results to our key areas of success and our risks.
Heather SmithCOOGood Beginnings Australia

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