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Future-proof your Business with Stronger Change and Transformation Capability

The challenge

The digital revolution, the fourth industrial revolution, and the many, often disruptive, changes on the economic, social, political and technological fronts pose unprecedented challenges to individuals and organisations.

The Capability Institute is the answer

We help you face the threats and seize the opportunities. We focus on people and projects, and on capability and culture - the enablers of successful strategies and transformations.
On the people side, we work to create high-quality work environments where personal, team and organisational capability for change and transformation strengthen each other to produce outstanding outcomes.
Our focus on projects is to ensure that everything we do is linked to tangible business objectives that can be quantified. We want our work, especially our work related to culture, to be practical, applied and operational with clearly identified ROIs.
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Read Anthony’s views on why capability (or lack of it) is nearly always the root cause of most common problems faced by organisations, be they related to risk, change, projects, performance or execution.


Anthony Wilson, Director
Proximity Risk and Assurance

Current Events

14 June 2018 - Sydney

Walker Andersen has partnered with ABM Risk Partnership, the Capability Institute and Oakton to bring you our The Future of Risk event at 3.30pm on 14th June - Tower 3, Darling Park, 201 Sussex Street. At this event we’ll be focusing on Culture, the rise of AI and the role of human capability.

After meeting with many CRO’s and senior risk professionals we have identified the following topics and trends as areas of key interest to the market and we'd like to invite you to discuss these with your peers:

• Risk culture and behaviours
• Some consequences of the Royal Commission into banking
• The risks of the future
• The challenge of building agility and resilience in organisations.

Please REGISTER as soon as possible as there is limited availability and refer to the flyer attached for further information.

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Our 'Capability and Culture Transformation Program'

Our program offers individuals, teams and organisations a capability and culture development path to adapt, change, innovate, transform and execute successfully.

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What is your strategy for the digital and AI revolutions?

How the Program works

The three magnifications

Our Program includes the three elements below, adjusted to your particular situation and circumstances.

What our clients say...

We could get information about staff satisfaction, but were also able to align the results to our key areas of success and our risks.
Heather SmithCOOGood Beginnings Australia

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