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What the Experts Say


The need for capability has never been higher!

Anthony Wilson

Founder: Proximity Risk and Assurance


Creating and protecting value is about identifying the threats and opportunities (collectively, the risks) that face the organisation and asking the question ‘do we have the capability within the organisation to mitigate the threats and maximise the opportunities?’

Whilst organisations may vary in their risk management maturity, it is clear to me that there is one component of the process that is often overlooked – capability development.

This is where the Capability Institute comes to the fore – accelerating the organisation’s performance by enhancing the power of its people, teams and the organisation itself.

Experts agree

We need to magnify the impact of human brains


The challenge of change, innovation, transformation is ubiquitous and the capability to deal with it has hardly changed over the past 30 years. Study after study emphasise the high failure rate and the need for improvement.

What is new is the urgency of successful change.

This urgency is created by the rapid economic, social and technological disruptions associated with the digital and the Fourth Industrial revolutions.

What we experience now are the early signs of these revolutions. Change is rapidly increasing in speed, depth and scope.

The urgency is now!


The three vignettes illustrate some of the challenges.

The top vignette shows results by the Harvard Business Review and ChangeFirst.

The second vignette mentions three common areas that illustrate the pressure of the new and, for silos, the often crippling legacy of old ways.

The third vignette illustrate the power (promises and challenges) of new technology, especially of networks. Also shown is the need for sound risk management in all aspects of the business, lest accidental failures of all kinds bring catastrophic results.


The three vignettes show but a small sample of the changes and disruptions that are increasingly buffeting organisations.

In these circumstances the best approach, the one adopted by the Capability Institute, is to rely on human brains to help organisations navigate the turbulent waters. Hence our motto:

Magnify the impact of human brains.

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