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Does Capability Really Work? – Part 3

The last dataset in our three-year study enabled us to observe the impact on performance of NOT managing capability adequately. Here are the ‘not-so-surprising’ results. The third part of our involvement with a large miner in Australia relates to a period past the peak of the mining boom, with the consequent drastic adjustment required of …


Does Capability Really Work? – Part 2

Following a successful pilot study, we tracked over three year the impact of capability on performance in a large mining organisation. Here we report on the first part of the study. In the previous blog (see Does Capability Really Work? – Part 1) we described how our first pilot study led to a contract to …


Does Capability Really Work? – Part 1

It’s all very well to have a model of capability, as we have described in a previous blog*. But how do we know that it works? What is the experimental evidence supporting it? Here we describe the work we did in a large mining organisation in Australia. * See The Six Core Elements of Capability …


Capability and the Truck Metaphor

On KPIs and capability.  On a long and difficult journey on a steep pass, with a heavy load at the back, we need to know where we are on the road towards the destination. And perhaps more importantly, we need to know whether the truck is in good order and its engine has enough power …


When KPIs stagnate – Don’t PANIC!

HAVE YOUR COPORATE KPIs PLATEAUED? WOULD YOU LIKE YOUR CORPORATE KPIs TO BE HIGHER? You and your team have spent precious time and effort developing and implementing KPIs, and then, after a while you find that, despite your best effort, some KPIs stagnate in the middle range. Why is this happening? What does it mean …