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Does Capability Really Work? – Part 3

The last dataset in our three-year study enabled us to observe the impact on performance of NOT managing capability adequately. Here are the ‘not-so-surprising’ results. The third part of our involvement with a large miner in Australia relates to a period past the peak of the mining boom, with the consequent drastic adjustment required of …


Does Capability Really Work? – Part 2

Following a successful pilot study, we tracked over three year the impact of capability on performance in a large mining organisation. Here we report on the first part of the study. In the previous blog (see Does Capability Really Work? – Part 1) we described how our first pilot study led to a contract to …


Does Capability Really Work? – Part 1

It’s all very well to have a model of capability, as we have described in a previous blog*. But how do we know that it works? What is the experimental evidence supporting it? Here we describe the work we did in a large mining organisation in Australia. * See The Six Core Elements of Capability …


How Many Issues are There in Capability?

How many issues do we need to describe capability with sufficient detail so that it is practically useful? And where do these issues come from? In a previous blog entitled The Six Core Elements of Capability, we introduced the six-dimensions capability model. Each of the dimensions contains sub-elements (or sub-dimensions), which, in turn contain the …


How Versatile is Capability – Really?

Is the concept of capability truly versatile? That is, is it applicable to multiple functions and activities in organisations? Or is it restricted to, say, production or performance? In previous blogs we considered whether capability comprises a generic set of features that apply to all organisations, regardless of their industry, size and product range. Our answer …


The Six Core Elements of Capability

What are the core elements of capability that all organisations must possess, regardless of their industry, size and product range? In a previous blog, we considered whether there are core elements in capability and we came to the conclusion that there indeed are, even though they may be expressed differently from organisation to organisation. We …