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Capability and Culture Transformation


What is your strategy for the digital and AI revolutions?

A two hour+ workshop with tangible, business-focused deliverables

Prepare your organisation now for relentless change and disruption. Future-proof your organisation!

Who is the workshop for?

This is an internal workshop for senior management.

Key questions

bluedot Does your organisation struggle with digital transformation?
bluedot Do you know how to succeed at change projects?
bluedot Do you have a clear plan for addressing digital and AI threats and opportunities?
bluedot Do you feel your organisation has the right capability and culture for current and future challenges?
bluedot Do you know how to carry a capability vulnerability assessment?
bluedot Do you know how to get the maximum out of AI?
If you hesitated with any of the questions, then read below.

What you'll Learn!

Value: $4,000.
Your money back if not satisfied.

Workshop objective

The objective of the workshop is to work with the participants to gain an insight into the challenges they may face with respect to change and transformation. It is to map out the role of the human component needs to play if one is to succeed in the digital and AI revolutions.

At the end of the workshop, participants will have a clear view of important threats and opportunities they face, as well as a roadmap for future action.


This is an interactive workshop where we’ll use information and data provided at the workshop by the participants.

We’ll consider the different actions and initiatives that the organisation could take to improve its capability for change and transformation at the employee, team and organisational levels. We’ll also look at the implications on strategic thinking.

bluedot Find out your vulnerability level for change and transformation.
bluedot View your capability in the six dimensions that determine success at change and execution.
bluedot Understand how you can build synergy between employees, teams and the organisation.
bluedot Learn about the need to be project focused in capability and culture transformation.
bluedot Learn about the three necessary steps for the successful completion of initiatives or projects.
bluedot Learn about the factors to consider in the initiatives selection process.
bluedot Understand the key elements of any strategy for dealing with the challenges and opportunities of the digital and AI revolutions.


When presenting the Capability Institute workshops, it never ceases to amaze me how quickly people 'connect' with the results they are seeing.

Anthony Wilson, Founder and Director, Proximity Risk and Assurance

The Capability Institute workshop opened our eyes to a powerful methodology and Platform-Ecosystem for building sustainable, customer-focused solutions of direct benefit to the business.

Kevin Figueiredo, General Manager, Safety and Health, Woolworths Limited

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