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About Us


Our vision: Future-proof human capability in the Age of AI

Who We Are

Our mission is to help organisations, teams and individuals survive and prosper in times of rapid change on the economic, social, political and technological fronts.

Our solution is to ‘magnify the impact of human brains’. We offer individuals, teams and organisations a growth path to survive and prosper. We equip them with the capability to deal successfully with change, innovation and transformation.

Packaged as our ‘Human Capability Development and Transformation Program’, our solution equips teams and organisations with ‘situation intelligence – know where you are’, ‘decision intelligence – know where you need to go’ and ‘execution intelligence – know how to get there’.

Our solution comprises proven models, methodologies and a cloud-based platform-ecosystem. It creates a high-quality work environment where personal, team and organisational capability strengthen each other to produce outstanding outcomes.

Our solution includes consulting, training and knowledge transfer.

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Our Team

Paul Guignard

Founder and Director

Paul has been working on capability for the past 10 years. After developing, testing and proving the validity of capability, his focus is now sharing it.

Shawn Callahan

Advisor to the Capability Institute

Shawn brings his extensive business experience as the founder of Anecdote Pty Ltd. He is also an accomplished story specialist and consultant.

Dain Simpson

Advisor to the Capability Institute

Dain brings his long experience as a consultant, with projects in the tourism and public sectors in Australia, N Z, Asia and the Pacific.

Boris Patoka

Development manager

Boris has been in software development for over 20 years and brings his extensive knowledge of IBM and cloud technologies to our venture.


Proximity Risk and Assurance

Proximity was founded by Anthony Wilson who also serves as the Chief Advisor. Managing risk in change and transformation is essential and Proximity brings a fresh approach to it. “Risks are the threats and opportunities you face on a day to day basis. Business success comes from keeping close to your risks – and that’s where Proximity comes in!” (A. Wilson). Proximity is based in Sydney.


Leaders Insight

Leaders Insight brings together passionate people from a range of communication disciplines across both strategy and creative. Our guiding belief is to only do work that significantly helps our clients achieve more than they could otherwise do by themselves. Leaders Insights is based in Canberra.


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